Alexis Fedele


Alexis Fedele - MS Student – Applied Ecology


I grew up in Northern California, and from an early age, had a broad interest in wildlife and the outdoors. These interests narrowed after my first undergraduate technician position assisting with a study of endangered giant kangaroo rats, when I became intrigued by community interactions in an ecosystem and animal behavior. I chose to work with two non-profits promoting aquatic ecosystem restoration for two years to gain experience before deciding to pursue a Master’s degree at UNL.

Research interests:

I am interested in human dimensions of wildlife, behavioral reaction norms, and phenotypic plasticity in animal behavior. Specifically, I am focusing on fishes’ behavioral response to angling. Using laboratory experiments, I am exploring whether fish are able to learn to alter their behavior after repeated fishing events and whether their ability to learn is affected by their individual level of boldness.


  • B.S. Molecular Environmental Biology with an emphasis in Animal Behavior, UC Berkeley (2012)
  • M.S. Applied Ecology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2017)

Professional Appointments:

  • Community Engagement Specialist, Save The Bay (Oakland), 2013-2014
  • Interpretive Naturalist, Aquarium of the Bay (San Francisco), 2012
  • Conservation Fieldwork Assistant, University of California, Berkeley, 2010-2011
  • Undergraduate Research Apprentice, University of California, Berkeley, 2009-2010