Alisha Grams


Alisha Grams - MS Student – Applied Ecology


I grew up in Southern Minnesota with a passion for being outdoors, specifically fishing and hiking. I pursued my interests in nature by exploring a diverse range of college courses and taking on an undergraduate research project that focused on the behavior of crayfish under different environmental conditions. I spent two summer seasons as an interpreter for two state parks, which broadened my knowledge of many wildlife and human interaction topics. In addition, I worked with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as a watercraft inspector, which gave me insight as to how the public views and responds to natural resource laws and regulations.


My interests include restoration ecology, human interactions and invasive species, and plant and wildlife community interactions. More specifically, I am examining hunter’s response to regulations involving big game hunting.


  • B.S. Natural Resources with emphases in Ecological Restoration, Park Management, and Natural Resource Management and a Biology minor, UM-Crookston (2015)

Professional Appointments:

  • Hunter Survey Assistant Technician, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2015
  • Interpretive Naturalist, Grahams Island State Park (Devils Lake, ND), 2015
  • Interpretive Naturalist, Itasca State Park (Park Rapids, MN), 2014
  • Watercraft Inspector, MN DNR (Spicer, MN), 2013