Mathew Hinrichs


Mathew Hinrichs - MS Student – Applied Ecology


I grew up in Minnesota, and from the time I could walk, I was following my father on his hunting and fishing adventures. I followed a non-traditional pathway by initially dropping out of college and joining the United States Marine Corps. That decision solidified my desires to pursue wildlife. I studied scorpion occupancy while an undergrad and worked for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service as a Biological Technician. The later gave me experience and a broader knowledge base I found necessary before pursuing a Master’s degree at UNL.


I am interested in human dimensions of wildlife, wildlife biology, and outdoor recreation. Specifically, I am looking at specializations, motivations, and constraints of waterfowl hunters and other outdoor recreationists. The research is across states, regions, and flyways,


  • B.S. Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology with an emphasis in Wildlife Biology, Colorado State University (2016)

Professional Appointments:

  • Student Data Analyst, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 2016
  • Biological Service Technician, United States Fish & Wildlife Service, 2016
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, Colorado State University, 2014-2016
  • Infantryman, United States Marine Corps, 2008-2013